Express Detail service sign with stopwatch, car, and sleek typography. Premium car wash in Boulder, CO offering deep clean, leather treatment, ceramic paint booster, and more.

Gloss Auto Wash ONLINE

Express Detail

Sale price$99.99
Vehicle Size:Sedan

One hour of car love.  Welcome to the best express detail in Boulder, Colorado. 

5-day weather guarantee

Welcome to our super fancy car wash option that will look like you got your car detailed and make you feel like a king or queen.

Service includes:

  • Deep clean hard surfaces
  • Leather and vinyl treatment and clean
  • Biodegradable washer fluid top off
  • Four-floor mats
  • Interior sterilization
  • Front seat wipe 
  • Mag Chloride pre-soak
  • Ceramic paint booster
  • Gloss tire shine
  • Essential oil fragrance spray
  • Triple glaze hot wax
  • Windows and door jam wipe
  • Underbody rinse 
  • Three-step wheel cleaner
  • Touchless wash and towel dry
  • Interior vacuum
  • Dust console windows and dash