Tesla Car washing and detailing

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Tesla's are amazing cars, however, they require  special care to comply with the manufactures recommendations on cleaning.  At Gloss Auto Wash & Detail, we have you covered.  From washing to paint protection films, visit Gloss to care for your EV.

Why Wash Your Tesla at Gloss?

Tesla recommends you only visit touch free washes.  Gloss is 100% touch free.  Our system uses pressurized water and various soaps to clean your Tesla.  Tesla's have a variety of sensors and precision glass surfaces - a typical car wash has rotating brushes that can scratch and damage these sensitive areas.  Watch the next time you are at your local car wash - the brushes are covered in grease, dirt and grime.  This does not wash off between cars.  Tesla knows this which is why they recommend ONLY using touch-less or hand washing for their cars.  Lucky for you, Gloss offers both!

Tesla Recommends

Touch-Less Wash

The Soap Matters

At Gloss, we have calibrated a soap setting just for Tesla's.  The various coatings on Tesla glass can get a foggy haze depending in the pH of the detergents used.  We experimented and created a setting at Gloss that is milder than our normal wash and we only use it for our Tesla customers. This lower pH car wash solution will ensure that even washing your Tesla once per week will not cause any fading in the paint.  At Gloss, we recommend all Tesla owners consider having our car detail technicians apply a ceramic coating to your car's exterior.  This will help the paint's finish last as long as the drivetrain on your wonderful, environmentally friendly EV.

Tesla's magic

Car Wash Mode

Tesla now has a car wash mode in all of their cars! Wait, that's not entirely true. All Model 3, Model Y's and 2020 and newer Model S and Model X have it. Who does that exclude? Some older cars do not seem to have received the update. Our team has you covered though- if your car does not have the mode, our team will drive it through the tunnel!  When we say we are know all the in's and out's of Teslas and car washes, we are not kidding - we have superchargers getting installed onsite in 2023 and one of our owners has a 2022 Model Y! 

Minimal interior design Means

Clean Interior Matters

Our team will vacuum and wipe down your Tesla interior with many of our wash packages.  We have found no other car cleans up as well as a Tesla.  The minimalist interior really shows dirt and grime, so let us help you protect your investment and keep it in tip top shape. We know you care deeply about your Tesla.

only the best

Tesla Detailing Services

You bought your Tesla because you care about the environment.  However, zero carbon emissions are only part of the way your Tesla can help preserve our planet.   Regular detailing at Gloss can help your Tesla stay in top condition for miles and miles.  Having a car that stays in top form and doesn't need replacing is the number one way to lower your carbon footprint.  

Many Tesla owners in Boulder have come to Gloss to get paint protection films applied to their cars by our team of expert detailers.  These films offer the ultimate in paint protection.  We are certified installers for XPEL films, which we have found offer a great mix of protection and invisibility.  In most applications you cannot even tell the paint has a film on it.  

Have a Tesla with a white interior?  We are the experts at detailing and conditioning your seats, carpet and leather surfaces.  We even have special treatment products that will soften and treat your surfaces while keeping a matte finish.  This detailing option has been very popular.  Stop by the detail studio today or contact us to find out more on how we can help your Tesla remain extra Glossy for years to come.