A sign featuring a car and camera graphics, with black letters f, a, and z on white. Promotes Gloss's Headlight Restoration service for clear, dance-worthy headlights.
Person polishing a red car's headlight for Gloss's Headlight Restoration service, ensuring crystal-clear lenses for dancing in radiant light.

Headlight Restoration

Sale price$50.00
Ceramic Coating:From

You can't dance in the radiating light from your headlights if they're covered in built-up dirt and grime and not actually shining. We're big fans of dancing here at Gloss, but we're even bigger fans of Glossy headlights which is why we offer the headlight restoration service.

This service includes:

  • A full polish of your headlight lenses. 
  • Get them back to their original, crystal-clear state so you can dance as much as you please.