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Car Detailing Services

Deep interior cleaning, ceramic paint coatings, tints, films and hand washes, we offer the best car details in Boulder.

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Experts in paint restoration

Colorado Is Hard On Cars

High altitude, mountain life ages your car rapidly. Ceramic coatings, PPF, window tint and frequent detailing help keep your car looking young.

A detailed illustration of a car with a person inside, showcasing a white sign. Complete Detail service: interior and exterior cleaning, wheel detailing, clay bar treatment, and graphene ceramic coating for 12-18 months of protection.
Complete Detail
Sale priceFrom $325.00
Interior car detailing package, Total Interior, by Gloss Auto Wash. Deep cleaning of console, cup holders, vents, shampooing carpets, treating all surfaces. Image: steering wheel illustration on a sign.
Total Interior
Sale priceFrom $235.00
Hand Wash product sign with hand-drawn hand, black letters, and washing instructions. Promotes two bucket method, wheel detailing, hand drying, and interior vacuuming. Time: 45 min - 1 hour.
Hand Wash
Sale priceFrom $39.00