A close-up of the Mountain Arctic blanket, showcasing a blue and white textile with intricate stitching, embodying sustainability through recycled wool, polyester, and acrylic materials. Size: 70”l x 60”w.
A woman stands on a cliff overlooking a river, embodying the spirit of our Mountain Arctic blanket. Recycled wool blend, 70”l x 60”w, for adventures and giving back.
A person on snowy mountain with birds, a flag waving; Mountain Arctic blanket made from recycled materials, 70”l x 60”w, 3 lbs, Recycled Wool/Polyester/Acrylic.
A black box featuring a map of the United States, part of the Mountain Arctic blanket collection. Sustainable materials, 70”l x 60”w size, and a commitment to donate blankets to local shelters.
A black box with white text displaying Mountain Arctic alongside a white recycle symbol on a black background. Product promotes eco-friendly blankets made from recycled materials.

Mountain Arctic

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