Striped blanket with a vintage feel, Wool Camp Forest, made from recycled wool, polyester, and acrylic. Measures 70”l x 60”w, designed for outdoor comfort and durability.
Vintage-inspired Wool Camp Forest blanket with recycled wool, polyester, and acrylic. Classic design for outdoor escapes, woven fabric close-ups on a rack. Size: 70”l x 60”w.
A vintage-inspired Wool Camp Forest blanket draped over a chair outdoors. Recycled wool blend for comfort and durability. Size: 70”l x 60”w. Support local shelters with each purchase.
A woman sits on a blanket outdoors, reading a book. Close-ups of a hat and lantern. Wool Camp Forest blanket, eco-friendly, vintage-inspired, 70”l x 60”w, recycled wool blend.
A person on a hill with a blanket overlooking water, embodying the Wool Camp Forest blanket's outdoor essence. Recycled wool blend, vintage-inspired, nature-inspired design, 70”l x 60”w.
A person in a Wool Camp Forest blanket walks on a hill, surrounded by nature. Vintage-inspired, eco-friendly, and cozy, this blanket gives back to the community.
A woman sits in a car reading a book, next to a lantern, embodying the essence of our Wool Camp Forest blanket - cozy, eco-friendly, and perfect for outdoor adventures.
A black box featuring a map of the United States, showcasing the Wool Camp Forest blanket. Recycled wool, polyester, and acrylic blend. Measures 70”l x 60”w. Symbolizes outdoor escape and charitable giving.
Vintage-inspired Wool Camp Forest blanket made from recycled materials, featuring classic design elements. Measures 70”l x 60”w, 3 lbs, with recycled wool, polyester, and acrylic. Ideal for outdoor escapes.

Wool Camp Forest

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