A clear plastic container holds Baby Axolotl Clear Slime, featuring a cute cartoon character. Dive into slime bliss with this easy-to-care-for underwater friend.
A jar of Baby Axolotl Clear Slime with toy animals, including a pink lizard and a pink monster cartoon, on display.
Four clear slime containers featuring baby axolotl figures, creating a whimsical underwater scene. Ideal pet-themed toy for endless fun and carefree play.
Four clear slime containers with toy lizards, star shapes, and a yellow ball on a blue tray. Perfect pet-like Baby Axolotl Clear Slime set for endless fun.
A clear slime set featuring Baby Axolotl figures, creating oohs and aaahs with ease. Your underwater pet that stays put, offering endless slime bliss.
A jar of clear slime with small pink toy animals on top, resembling baby axolotls, set on a blue tray. Cute and easy-to-care-for underwater pet-themed slime.

Baby Axolotl Clear Slime (4pcs/case)

Sale price$16.99